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Frequently Asked Questions

If you want to find out about why some unlocks are “free” check out our page about Software Unlocks.

A summary of Free Unlocks always

  •  Require a Jailbreak
    • Free Software that you need to install that can take an hour or two to install
    • Have been reports of Apple Voiding your warranty if you jailbreak
  • Require UltraSnow Installed once you have jailbrokenRequires you to reapply it every time you restore or upgrade your firmware.
    • Like an App but via the jailbreak software store (cydia)
    • Doesn’t always work as it depends on the firmware of your phone.
    • Reception can Drop in and Out

 I didn’t get a confirmation email, what do I do?

Please check your spam folder, as you should have received a confirmation email from info@unlockmyiphone.com.au

Make sure you move this email out of the spam folder ,and add it to your contacts.

That will make sure that you get emails from us, so you will know the second your phone is unlocked.

What does Processing / Completed / Pending Mean?

These are our order status, and each have a different meaning. Every time your order changes statues, you will get an email. If you do not get an email when your order status changes, please check your junk, or spam folder. You should expect an email from info at  unlockmyiphone.com.au

Order is Processing?

This is the default status when you place an order. In the processing state means we have received your unlock. Often it will move to submitted before becoming complete, but there are times when it skips this step. Do not worry if your order does not change to submitted. Only some unlocks will automatically change, but all will change to completed.

Order is Submitted?

This order status means your order has been submitted, and we are waiting for confirmation that your order has been completed. Do not worry if your order does not ever reach this stage, but goes straight to completed.

Order is Completed?

When your order is completed it means that your phone has now been unlocked. It is now time to follow the steps on the description page to complete your unlock.

For an iPhone;

  1. Connect phone to iTunes with a sim card that is not from the Network you are unlocking from (i.e Telstra simcard if unlocking from Optus)
  2. Wait Until iTunes detects your phone
  3. Unplug the iPhone, wait 10 seconds and then reconnect.
  4. iTunes will display “Congratulations, Your iPhone is now unlocked”​

Order is Pending?

This is a rare order status. Typically it means there was an error, or a delay with your order. We will often set this status, and then try to contact you in regards to your order. Often via email, but sometimes by a phone call.

If you see this order status, and don’t hear from us try to contact us. Include your order number, item you ordered, name and email in any correspondence.

What does UnlockMyiPhone.com do?

  • IMEI-based permanent sim unlock for all iPhone models, all basebands and firmware covered
  • Official Apple Unlock using iTunes – warranty remains valid
  • Permanent – always upgrade to the latest version of iOS
  • No need to jailbreak – once you’ve made your purchase you simply connect your iPhone to iTunes to complete the unlock and be able to use any sim card worldwide

As a Premium iPhone Unlocker, we specialise in 100% Legal Official iPhone Unlocks.

We unlock iPhones for

  • Mobile Phone Repair Shops
  • Mobile Phone Dealers
  • Businesses
  • Individuals

What Firmware or Baseband Can We Unlock?

We sell official carrier unlocks, we do not sell software. This means that the firmware and baseband is unimportant. We can unlock every baseband (including 04.11.08, 04.12.02, 05.16.05) and firmware, now and into the future.

There is only one question, what network is your phone locked to?

More Detailed Information

We provide an Official, Permanent, Apple unlock that remove any network restrictions your iPhone may have by marking your handset as unlocked in Apple’s IMEI database. It allows you to use your handset on any network worldwide. We provide this unlock for all iPhone models running all firmware versions, and there is no need to jailbreak.

Because this unlock is official and does not require a clumsy “jailbreak”, it means you can safely update the OS on your handset at any time, and sync your device with your computer without fear of Apple removing your unlock.

It is useful to have an unlocked handset when you go overseas, as it means you can buy a local sim card, and just put it in your phone. You can receive texts, emails, check facebook and use your phone like you regularly do.

It puts a stop to those huge roaming rates that you get when you use your phone overseas.

Why are some iPhones sim-locked?

The main reason why Telstra, Optus, Vodafone and other network providers lock their iPhones to a network is so they can offer them at a discount. This gives their customers an incentive to connect to their network, and sign up for a plan.

The problems start when you no longer want to be on that network, or you want to go overseas and take your phone with you. They try to stop you from using your phone on any other network, as they are paranoid that you will change networks.

Frankly, we find this absurd, you are locked into a contract and you are just going on a holiday!

Can You Unlock all iPhones?

Yes, any phone from the first generation iPhones, 3G, 3Gs, 4, 4s and even 5. Our unlock supports ALL bootloaders, basebands, and firmwares as we do not unlock using software, we factory unlock using Apple’s IMEI database.

What firmware and baseband can you unlock?

This question is not relevant! We do not sell software hacks. We sell official carrier unlocks, our unlocks are identical to the ones that the carriers provide, and so the only important question is what network your handset is locked to.

Do I need a sim card from the network my iPhone is locked to?

An emphatic no – ANY sim card will unlock your iPhone once your unlock is processed.

Do I need to be located in the country my iPhone is locked to in order to unlock the device?

Again – an emphatic no. Once we have emailed you, you can unlock your handset in ANY country, regardless of where it was purchased, just by connecting it to iTunes.

Do I need to send the iPhone to you for unlocking?

NO. You do it all from the comfort of your home. The whole service is remote, once your IMEI is marked as unlocked by ourselves you simply connect your iPhone to iTunes for unlocking.

Other sites claim to do it in 5 minutes, why do you take 2 hours to 3 days?

Many iPhone unlocking sites out there are scam websites – anyone selling you software to unlock an iPhone is at best selling you a jailbreak which will not sim unlock your handset, and at worst selling you a virus.

Software cannot sim unlock iPhones! Our unlocks are official ones done through iTunes, this is the ONLY way to sim unlock an iPhone. Please don’t be caught out, if someone is willing to lie to you to get your money, they are not going to refund you either (despite claims of money back guarantees etc).

Does the iPhone need to be activated in any way?

Our unlock works in any situation – with an iPhone straight out the box (never activated), one already activated using iTunes or iCloud, or one which has been freshly restored.

What is a jailbreak?

Jailbreaking is where you run some software on your PC or Mac with your iPhone connected, in order to gain access to the operating system, allowing users to download additional applications, extensions, and themes that are unavailable through the official Apple App Store. It is NOT a sim unlock.

Jailbreaks are free – do not pay for them. Any site selling software to unlock your iPhone is actually just selling a jailbreak.

What about unlocking with a Gevey Sim?

A gevey sim is a hardware ‘hack’ which tricks the iPhone into making a call via a different route. You will never be able to update your handset if you use a Gevey Sim. Because they sit ‘behind’ your own sim, they are also prone to getting stuck into the iPhone forcing a trip to an Apple Store to take the phone apart and get it removed, which they now refuse to do and claim they void the warranty. It’s totally unsupported by Apple. Our method turns your iPhone into a factory unlocked unit, meaning you can always update to the latest version of iOS. Your iPhone is an expensive device, and you want to keep up with iOS updates as Apple brings out new features etc.

How does the unlock work?

You select the network your iPhone is locked to. You then enter in your IMEI number. Once your payment has been made, we connect to the Apple IMEI Database and mark your IMEI as unlocked. You will then be sent an email conforming this unlock.

All you then have to do is connect your iPhone to iTunes in order to complete the unlock. There is no stress, no software to install, no hassles.

This is a 100% Money Back Guaranteed Unlocked, which will be permanent.

I’ve tried to unlock my iPhone using a competitor’s software it hasn’t worked. Can your team help me?

Yes of course. There are a lot of sites out there selling software that doesn’t actually do anything other than get your iPhone into a restore loop, or merely jailbreak it whilst claiming to sim unlock it. Just call our support team and we can talk you through getting your handset back to factory condition so that we can unlock it properly.

We aren’t the cheapest, we know that, that’s because:

  • our unlocks are official – all done through iTunes
  • we actually deliver an unlock – guaranteed
  • we aren’t just a kid in his bedroom who is selling free software – software jailbreaks do not unlock an iPhone.

Anyone who is advertising software to unlock your iPhone is a scammer. You will get nothing but grief and will certainly never get an unlock or your money back.

 I don’t know what network my handset is locked to, what do I do?

We have an iPhone Network check tool, which will email you the details of your phone, including which network it is locked to.

My Phone has been Barred, blocked or blacklisted from the phone network.

The first thing to do is you want to check if it has been blacklisted. You can do this at  the following page https://prod.eie.net.au/portal/template/MYMIMEIInquiry.vm

Our 100% money back guarantee is void if your phone is blocked. So if you have any doubts make sure you check this page first  If your phone is blocked, feel free to contact us as we do have contact who buy blocked phones. Typically they are stripped for parts.

Find out more see our post about Barred, Blocked or Blacklisted Phones.

How long does it take after purchase to get my unlock?

Depends on your network – it varies between instantly and 10 days. Sometimes you can pay a bit more, and we push your unlock to the front of the queue.

My Network Isn’t Listed, Can You Unlock It? 

We only list the most common unlocks, and most common phones. However feel free to Contact Us to see if we can help you.