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The Truth About Those Cheap Software Unlocks

Unlock My iPhone is not one of those business that charge you a flat price for all unlocks. That offer “updates’ and unlimited access. If you see any places that do not specifically need to know what network your phone is locked to, Stay away from that page! They are almost certainly selling your software to install on your phone.

This software can be found freely on the internet.  They do not own this software, it is free software made by iPhone Jailbreak Enthusiast. It can be found online for free. We recommend The Big Boss (ignore the ads at the top) and they will provide the software for free.

When we first started the only way to unlock a mobile phone was by using a complicated jailbreak process. As iPhones got more and more complex this method became very cumbersome.

In order to apply a Jailbreak unlock you needed to make sure your iphone was the correct;

  • Type of iPhone
  • Firmware (iOS 5.4, or 6.1)
  • Baseband
  • Modem Firmware

If you were lucky enough to have all of these align and you were able to unlock, you went through a time consuming process, and hopefully your phone will now be unlocked.

However, there were several problems.

  1. Your reception may drop in and out
  2. If you had to upgrade your iPhone firmware you had to go through the process again, and you just have to hope that your latest firmware is able to be unlocked.

After going through this numerous times for various customers, we realised that there had to be a better way. A way that would;

  1. Remain Unlocked Forever (let you upgrade firmware)
  2. Minimal effort for the customer and ideally done from home
  3. Affordable with a money back guarantee
  4. Quick

We Always Recommend an Official Lifetime Unlock as the best method to unlock.