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iPhone Network Check Service

$17.00 $7.00

An iPhone Network Check Service tool identifies using your phones IMEI details about your phone. It includes if it is locked to a network, which network, purchase date, warranty details and if it has been barred or banned from a network.

Free Network Check: Purchasing this service will credit your account with $4.95. This can be used on your unlock. 


Enter in your Phones Unique IMEI

Black List Checker *

We will check if your phone is blacklisted in Australia

By purchasing this product, you will get the following coupon(s):

  • $4.95 discount on your entire purchase.

SKU: iP-NetworkCheck-Service.

Product Description

Check The Details & History of an iPhone

You get a background check when you buy a used car, now you can do it with an iPhone.

Are you;

  • Buying a used iphone, from a friend, or online?
  • Trying to work out what network your iPhone is locked to?
  • Wanting to know when your warranty ends?
  • Want to check if your phone is banned, barred or blacklisted

Once purchased we will email you within 5 min – 24 hours with the detailed information about your phone.

If you purchase this item, and then an unlock your unlock may be processed before you receive a reply. We will not be held responsible for purchases of unlocks, before you have received a reply.

Get The Network Check Tool For Free

Once your purchase this item, you will receive $4.95 credit to your account. You can use this credit to purchase your unlock, and it will be discounted $4.95.

How to Purchase

  1. Enter Your IMEI Number

    To Find your IMEI Number;

    1. Open Settings on your iPhone
    2. Select General
    3. Select About
    4. Scroll down to where it says IMEI:
    5. Write down the IMEI number and enter it above.
  2. Select Your Type of iPhone

  3. Click Buy and Enter Your Details


What Info Will This Service Tell Me?

  • After placing your order below, we will email you the following info about your iPhone, please see example below, please note we have put xxxxx on the example below

iPhone 4S 32GB Black (5.0)
IMEI: 0129**********1
Serial: D**********7
Limited Warranty: 2011-10-19 / 2012-10-18
Sold to country: Australia
Carrier: Telstra Australia
*SIM-Lock Status: Locked
**Network Status: Authorised



*SIM-Lock Status: The iPhone must have been activated at some point before using this service, otherwise we cannot return the exact network it is locked to or its sim lock status, however you can still use the service as it will tell you which country it was sold to, this may help narrow your search.

**Blacklist Check: iPhone network check service can now tell you (where available) if the IMEI you are checking has been blacklisted / barred or not.  (reported lost or stolen to apple)

Authorised = Not Blacklisted
Not Authorised = Blacklisted


Supported Models

This service supports all iPhones and iPads including:

  • iPhone 5
  • iPhone 4s
  • iPhone 4
  • Phone 3Gs
  • Phone 3G
  • Phone 2G (original iPhone)
  • iPad
  • iPad 2
  • iPad 3


Will This Service Unlock My iPhone?

  • NO This service does not unlock any iPhone,  it will just give you the info about your iphone.
  • Once you have this info you can then order an iPhone full unlock service, as long as your network is supported by our services.



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